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Research Coordinator

Research Coordinator

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1 - Screening

(ICU Admission)

Case Report Forms

Note: Include patients who meet all eligiblility criteria on the screening logs and enter all eligible non-randomized patients into iDatafax.

2 - Consent

(ICU Admission)

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3 - Randomization

(Randomized / Study Entry ≤4 d MV)

Case Report Forms

Study Materials

Randomize.net Information - Contact Methods Centre for details

Clinical Note

Bedside Handout

Chart Stickers

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4 - Daily ICU Responsibilites

(30 min cycling + Routine PT OR Routine PT)

Case Report Forms

Form 4 Daily Data (PDF)

*Form 4A Daily Data (PDF)

*If a patient is discharged from ICU and readmitted within 72 hours, complete this form in place of DAILY DATA (Form 4) for each complete study day outside ICU prior to readmission.


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5 - ICU Awakening


Test #1

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6 - ICU Discharge

(ICU Discharge)

Test #2

7 - 3 Days Post-ICU Discharge

(3 d Post-ICU Discharge)

Case Report Forms


Note: Contact PT for blinded outcomes assessment. 

Study Materials


8 - Hospital Discharge, Death or Withdrawal

(Hospital Discharge)

Test #4

9 - 90 Days Post Randomization

(90 Day After Enrollment)

Test #5