Outcome Measures Binder

1a (Sup. Mat.) - CYCLE pRCT Study Schema (July-04-2016)114.3 KiB46
1b (Sup. Mat.) - Outcome Measures Reference Table (July-17-2015)83.0 KiB93
2a (MMT) - Manual Muscle Testing Instruction Video Link (May-28-2015)143.6 KiB30
2b (MMT) - Shoulder Flexion Instructions (July-17-2015)169.2 KiB119
2c (MMT) - (Article, Ciesla 2011) Method Measuring Extremity Strength Applied to Critically Ill Patients - JOVE564.6 KiB61
2d (MMT) - ASIA - Hip Flexion, Knee Extension (Oct-02-2015)605.1 KiB120
3a (PFIT) - Physical Function Test For ICU: Summary (July-22-2015)113.5 KiB343
3b (PFIT) - (Article, Skinner 2009) Dev Phys Func Outc Meas Pilot Exer Train Protoc ICU - Crit Care Resus4.0 KiB18
3c (PFIT) - (Article, Denehy 2013) PFIT (Scored) - Phys Ther 4.0 KiB20
4a (30s STS) - 30 Second Sit To Stand Test: Summary (Apr-14-2015)4.0 KiB20
4b (30s STS) - (Article, Jones 1999) 30s Chair-Stand Test - Res Q Exs Sport4.0 KiB18
4c (30s STS) - (Article, Tveter 2014) - Norms Ref Eqn for 6MWT, Stairs, 30s Sit To Stand - Arch PMR4.0 KiB18
5a (2MWT) - 2 Minute Walk Test: Summary (Apr-14-2015)4.0 KiB40
5b (2MWT) - (Article, Pin 2014) Psychometric Prop of 2MWT: Sys. Rvw. - Arch PMR4.0 KiB20
5c (2MWT) - (Article, Bohannon 2015) 2MWT Norms 18-85 yrs - Arch PMR4.0 KiB25
6a (Quads) - Quads Strength Measures (Aug-27-2015)224.4 KiB45
6b (Quads) - Hand Held Dynamometry Operations Manual (Aug-25-2015)513.7 KiB118
6c (Quads) - (Article, Andrews 1996) HHD Norms 13 Muscles 50-80 Yo M & F - Physical Therapy468.8 KiB95
6d (Quads) - (Article, Bohannon 1997) Normative Values For Knee Extension - Arch PMR764.0 KiB152
7a (Add. Out.) - (Article, Zanni 2011) - Rehab Ther and Out Acu Resp Fail: Obs Pil Pro - J Crit Car4.0 KiB21
7b (Add. Out.) - (Article, Hodgson 2014) Feas and Int-Rate Relia ICU Mobility Scale - JACC201.5 KiB77
8a (Out. Mea. Log) - Summary Outcome Measures Practice (Log) (July-23-2015)4.0 KiB21